Troubleshooting a Cassiopeia installation

Cassiopeia can easily be installed and setup following the instructions given in the Installation and Setup guide. However, something might have gone wrong anyway and giving you a hard time. This troubleshooting tutorial is a collection of troubles and fixes that users experienced and might help you to fix your installation issue. If your problem is not covered by this guide or you got stuck for whatever reason please contact us at We will be happy to help you out.

Wrong FrontBase version

Some users got a "FBDatabaseConnection: unrecognized selector sent to class" or similar message when trying to log in. This is most likely due to an incompatible FrontBase version installed on your machine. Cassiopeia requires FrontBase 5.x. If you have FrontBase 7.x installed you get the above error message. If you need FrontBase 7.x for whatever reasons contact us (there is a solution). Otherwise simply remove /Library/FrontBase from your machine. You can do so by executing the following command in a terminal session (/Applications/Utilities/

sudo rm -rf /Library/FrontBase

Attention: If you are not used to using and have no idea what the above command does please be very careful. Copy & Paste this command exactly as is into your terminal session. Do not insert extra spaces anywhere or you may wipe out your whole hard disk!!

After removing /Library/FrontBase from your hard disk execute

killall FBExec

or simply reboot your Mac. Then continue with reinstalling Cassiopeia.

Reinstalling Cassiopeia

We provide an uninstall script that allows you to easily start from scratch. Open a terminal session (/Applications/Utilities/ and execute the following command:


This completely uninstalls Cassiopeia and resets a couple of defaults. Then reinstall Cassiopeia.2.2.0.pkg (or newer), start and choose Database - Log On from the menu. This should automatically install the correct FrontBase version and everything should be fine. More information about the installation process can be found here.

Logging in does not work

Please follow the instructions givin in Installation and Setup to install Cassiopeia and log in for the first time. If logging in (Database - Log On) does not work for you this might be due to invalid credentials. Please note, the login panel expects a valid database account. For a newly setup local database this will be ROOT for the username and both password fields blank.

Please do not try to log in with your Mac OS X system account here. Also do not use the username/password you chose while filling out the user registration form on our website. That account is for accessing the cloud only (Cloud control in the lower left corner checked). The local database on your machine cannot and does not know about this account, so stick to ROOT for the username and blank password until you have created/modified accounts in the local database as described in Advanced Data Security.

If this does not fix your login problem open /Applications/Utilities/, press Command-k to clear the display. Then start, try to login and send us (copy & paste) the output logged in to Thanks!

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