• "Having some positive experience with its predecessor 'ScientificAssistant' I decided to switch from pure flat LaTeX editing to the integrated publishing system Cassiopeia. I'm impressed: I haven't seen such a full blown LaTeX/MathML based document management system before. Furthermore, I haven't seen a DMS with computer algebra capabilities! Besides its functional merits the system is very stable. I'm satisfied with the adaptation of Cassiopeia in my core writing flows."

    Otto Lange, Physicist

  • "This tool is amazing. It is very useful for science and any type of research that requires the efficient handling of complex matematical expressions. Immediate calculation, simplification and plotting of functions directly in the scientific text. I can just say, it's amazing!"

    Steven H., Electrical Engineer

  • "Finding a good document editor for Mac that can handle equations, graph plotting, and LaTeX is tough. I've found that Cassiopeia has been the perfect way to introduce myself to LaTeX without too steep a learning curve. As a student software like this is invaluable, and I'm finding myself using it daily. Really nice that the developers are so helpful as well, I had the solution to a font problem that I encountered within hours, even when I emailed at 9pm."

    Ari Cooper-Davis, Natural Sciences Student

  • "I am so inspired by and grateful for what Advanced Science has created and especially with there determination to keep improving this software despite not getting a smidgen of the recognignition they deserve. This is one of the very few gems that I have found on my quest to find the best free (college student) tools available to optimize my workflow, and it alone, allows me to justify the countless hours I've spent on the hunt. I am very excited about the update with cloud, it will undoubtedly haul in more users. I also love your videos and can't wait to watch the new tutorials. I truly appreciate your unique software! I can't wait for the day that I can make a nice donation to support your endeavors!"

    Quinton Pressley, Mechanical Engineer

  • "I'm new to LaTeX. I have searched for a very simple to use and powerful program that allows me to efficiently write scientfic documents. You know what? Cassiopeia is the best one :)! Install? Next->Next->Password->Next blah blah blah and done :D! Simulation module and graph it's awesome! Extended shortcuts, clean form which many people will like and more :)! If You want something more efficient than plain LaTeX Cassiopeia is the best choice!"

    Dariusz Gardynski, Automatic Engineer, Programmer, Student

  • "Cassiopeia has great future. It combines all state of the art advantages of modern word processors but it is still very simple in use, and beside it offers great LaTeX/MathML. I have chosen Cassiopeia to make my quick scientific reports, publications, and for writing product manuals. It helps me save time. It automatically generates thin, well done formatted documents. Thank you !"

    Tomasz Widomski - ELPROMA

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