Cassiopeia can be downloaded and used for free. A license key is no longer required to make productive use of the all-in-one scientific word processing system.

Cassiopeia for Mac OS X (Scientific Word Processing)FreeFree

The application includes
  • Unlimited number of documents in the database
  • Multi user access for co-editing in workgroups
  • Advanced Data Security (encryption)
  • WYSIWYG in-text-stream Equation Editor
  • Integrated 2D plotting engine
  • LaTeX export for printouts in book printing quality
  • Exporting documents to *.cspf files
Although a license key is no longer required we still recommend to fill out our user registration form and request a free license key. Doing so has the following advantages:
  • Automatic notification when a new version gets released
  • You can choose an account for the Advanced Science Cloud
  • The author and organisation fields on the print panel get prefilled with the data encoded in your license key
  • The Symbolic Algebra System gets enabled
  • The Simulation Engine gets enabled
Cassiopeia is freeware. However, hosting this site and continuously improving the application binds developer resources. Please help us with a donation to keep this project going. Whatever you can afford will be fine. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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