Cassiopeia is a scientific wordprocessing and symbolic algebra system for MacOSX. It features
  • scientific word processing with focus on content
  • a keystroke based equation editor (MathML content markup)
  • a symbolic algebra system
  • a 2D graph module
  • a simulation module
  • management of documents in a relational database
  • multi user system for co-editing in a workgroup
  • LaTeX export for printing
  • HTML export for WWW publishing

Cassiopeia includes a key-stroke based equation editor that allows to edit equations very efficiently. You might want to watch the youtube clip Magentic Field and read the FAQ to get an idea about its efficiency and learn how Cassiopeia compares to other products on the market.

Internally equations are represented by MathML content markup. This means that entered equations have mathematical meaning and can be processed with the integrated symbolic algebra system.

All documents, books and bibliography entries are stored in a relational database. This allows an entire group of scientists to efficiently retrieve and savely work on the same set of documents. Documents can arbitrarily be linked together like HTML documents in the world wide web and references established to all kinds of objects (equations, bibliography entries, section, figures,...) in the same or any other document.

Please see Example Paper for a typical paper created with Cassiopeia. All the derivatives taken in this document were generated automatically by the built-in symbolic algebra system and the graphs drawn by the built-in plotting engine. An automatically generated HTML version of the paper can be found here.

Documents are internally represented in a human readable XML format. This allows interoperability with third-party apps and the easy conversion of the documents into any other documents format.

When it comes to printing Cassiopeia generates LaTeX code, the quasi standard for the publication of scientific papers and books. This LaTeX code is automatically compiled and the generated PDF opened in is a native MacOSX application and available for download now. License Keys can be obtained here. Light licenses with only minor limitations are available for free. After downloading the software and following the instructions in Installation and Setup you might want to read the following documents to get started quickly:
If you encounter any problems feel free to contact our support team at Your questions are welcome and feedback is greatly appreciated!
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