As of version 1.4.0 Cassiopeia is thoroughly tested on MacOSX 10.10 (Yosemite). Earlier versions had issues on Apples latest OS release. We therefore strongly recommend all users to upgrade to v1.4.x. If you have not yet received a personal license key click here to go to the download and license key request page!

Release 1.4.1

  • A new multichar identifier part has been added. Ctrl-q <multiple characters> <Return> inserts such an atomic identifier, e.g. Rate.
  • The equation modification mechanism got significantly improved. Pressing Ctrl-f in an equation replaces the selected parts with a fraction part and puts the previously selected expression into the enumerator. A region within an equation can subsequently be put in parenthesis by selecting the region and then pressing Ctrl-t (.
  • The equation editor palette got a few new entries, e.g. Ctrl-p to enter value unit pairs (13.5V, 0.783A)
  • A bug in the 2D plot engine was fixed that caused the application to hang after disabling Y auto scale.
Release 1.4.0
  • Several issues on MacOSX 10.10 (Yosemite) have been fixed. v1.4.0 is the first version confirmed to run on Apples latest OS release
  • A new Rename function for documents and books has been added
  • New Misc. Symbols pane on the equation editor palette
Release 1.3.5
  • A palette for equation editor symbols and parts was added. This allows to easily look up key strokes or insert into the equation directly from the palette.
  • A few minor equation editor bugs were fixed
  • Images could be dragged into Cassiopeia documents from Camino and many other browsers but not from Google Chrome. This issue was fixed!
Release 1.3.4
  • Zoom in/out functionality was added to document windows
  • Entering accents is supported now
  • Web links were not correctly translated to LaTeX! Fixed!
  • Under special circumstances links got lost while creating and destroying subsections. Fixed!
Release 1.3.3
  • A factor in front of a matrix caused problems in the mathml content recognition. Fixed!
Release 1.3.2
  • Doubleclicking on an equation duplicates the equation unchanged now. To trigger the auto simplification mechanism press the alternate key while doubleclicking on the equation.
  • A few minor bugs in the equation editor were fixed
Release 1.3.1
  • Removing a section title caused the loss of textobjects in the parent sections under special (rare) circumstances. Fixed!
  • The license manager counted sections instead of documents. Fixed!
Release 1.3.0
  • A small bug caused a problem while entering decimal numbers in equations. Fixed!
  • Three menu entries have been added to the Database menu for creating new documents, books and for opening the document manager. This makes it easier for new users to get started (without reading the documentation)! :-)
  • Auto labeling in the 2D graph inspector was optimized!
  • Cassiopeia can now be used without a license. We still recommend to get at least a free light license from our website.
Release 1.2.9
  • The rule set of the symbolic algebra system has been extended and got improved
  • A partial diff expressions can now efficiently be inserted with Ctrl-x ... (see quick reference)
  • The number of marks for the abscissa and the ordinate can now be set by the user in the 2D graph inspector
  • The number of marks for the abscissa and the ordinate can now be set by the user in the simulation inspector
  • Automarking of 2D graphs and simulations has been improved
Release 1.2.8
  • The partial d can now be entered with Ctrl-b p
  • Three additional pasteboards have been introduced that allow more efficient editing of text and equations.
  • Editing equations with backspace, copy and paste has been improved
  • Operator checking was strict in ealier versions. It for example wasn't possible to have a vector on the left side and a scalar on a right side of an equal sign. This strictness is mathematically correct but makes the insertion of expressions like rot F = 0 impossible. At least for the equal sign this strictness was loosened in the current version to allow entering equations for wordprocessing purposes that are not entirely correct but nevertheless desired.
Release 1.2.7
  • Support for factorials and binomial coefficients was added (see Quick Reference)!
  • Pure LaTeX regions were added. A range of text can be assigned the pure latex attribute. The characters in this range remain unchanged when LaTeX code for the document is generated. This is a fallback solution if some text structure has to be added to the document for which the LaTeX representation is known and that cannot be reasonably expressed otherwise in Cassiopeia (see Documents)!
  • Two new environment variables (see preferences panel) GenerateLaTeXScript and GenerateLaTeXWithIndex were introduced. Arbitrary LaTeX distributions can now easily be integrated by providing two scripts and setting these environment variables accordingly.
Release 1.2.6
  • The auto caption for 2D graphs and simulations now reflects eventually set factors (scalers) for the functions
  • A new essentials diskimage is supplied containing FrontBase 5.2.11 (can also be downloaded directly from The old essentials package contained FrontBase 4.2.9 which required a free FrontBase license. As of FrontBase 5.2.8 no FrontBase license is needed anymore which simplifies the installation and setup process a bit. If you already have a working Cassiopeia installation based on the earlier supplied FrontBase 4.2.9 you have to do nothing (an upgrade of FrontBase is neither required nor recommended). However, for new installations you might want to install the newer FrontBase version provided on the updated essentials diskimage since this allows to ommit the "Get a frontbase license from the frontbase website" step.
  • A small bug in the setup procedure caused the wrong set of forms to be granted access to by default
Release 1.2.5
  • The 2D graph engine supports interdependent functions now (see 2D Graphs)
  • The Web-Publishing feature supports equations, 2D graphs and simulations now (see Example HTML Publication)
  • The labels of links to equations and figures show the number for the equation or figure now
  • The identifierClass for a latent product with more than two operands was not determiend correctly causing a green flag where non should be. Fixed!
Release 1.2.4
  • Fraction parts can now naturally be inserted using the / key. See Quick Reference for details.
  • The fraction part is presented in a flat _ / _ fashion in inline formulas now.
  • Dragging sections into a book did not work under certain circumstances. Fixed!
  • Support for calligraphic identifiers in equations was added (Ctrl-k A - Z).
  • Identifier classes can now efficiently be set for a complete range of identifiers with a single entry on the context drawer of the document window (e.g. a-k -> StandardVector)
  • Clicking on the Use popup on the Connection pane of the preferences panel caused the database entry to vanish preventing Cassiopeia from starting up. This could only be fixed by either (re)selecting a database with the Set button as explained in Central Database or following the instructions in the Troubleshooting document. The database entry reappears now when switching back from Port to Database.
Release 1.2.3
  • Concurrent user licensing has been added. This allows to license Cassiopeia cost-effectively for a small or large group of concurrent users supposed to work in one central database (co-editing in a workgroup)
  • has been introduced. This helper application allows to manage user accounts, assign access privileges and register group licenses
  • A minor bug related to ' in function names was fixed
  • A figure caption related bug was fixed
  • A set of Administration Tasks documents was released
  • A Equation Editor Quick Reference guide was released
Release 1.2.2
  • Support for FrontBase 7.x has been added. If you have FrontBase 7.x installed on your Mac and can't downgrade to FrontBase 4.x or 5.x for whatever reasons download and install the FB7 version of Cassiopeia.
Release 1.2.1
  • When generating LaTeX for figures the caption was exported in math mode. Fixed!
  • A new light license scheme was introduced enabling all features of Cassiopeia perpetually free of charge (see Pricing)
Release 1.2.0
  • An import filter for bibtex files was added to the bibliograpy manager
  • Undo/Redo support was added
  • The dataserver entry in /etc/hosts is no longer neeed
Release 1.1.9
  • A figure inspector was added that allows to set a caption and figure options (e.g. width=10cm) for figures (images, 2D graphs, simulations)
  • 2D graphs and simulations can now be link targets
  • A Referenced Sections popup has been added to the print panel. This popup allows to specify how referenced sections are to be treated during LaTeX generation.
  • A few glitches in the 2D graph module were fixed
  • The bibliography manager was extended to give finer control over bibliography entry retrievals
Release 1.1.7
  • Deleting a chapter from a book left the book viewer in a dirty state and required a resize of the window to make the section titles visible again - Fixed!
  • Setting emphases in the abstract drawer did not work correctly - Fixed!
  • The book print panel offered no document classes - Fixed!
Release 1.1.6
  • The simulation module can now handle multiple phases
Release 1.1.5
  • The background images were compressed to reduce the size of the package.
  • The simplification rules were optimized and a few minor symbolic algebra related bugs were fixed.
  • A bug in the setup procedure for the predefined operators was fixed.
Release 1.1.4
  • Under certain circumstances while upgrading the schema (starting a new release in schema upgrade mode) a read only transaction was not commited before sending schema modification statements to the database. This caused the upgrade procedure to hang. Fixed!
  • The object browser window is the owner of opened documents and books now no matter how (e.g. doubleclick on a link) they were opened. This makes sure there is only one instance of documents and books open at any time.
  • A localization issue was fixed!
  • Background images for the object browser window are now selectable via a popup on the enviroment pane of the preferences panel.
  • Pasting text directly behind a section title caused the inserted text to get the section title attribute assigned! Fixed!
Release 1.1.3
  • Integration rules optimized and extended
  • Core - Strokes caused application to crash when changing the selection in the control stroke tableview. - Fixed!
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