Installing Cassiopeia

To install Cassiopeia on your Mac go to the Advanced Science website, click on Download and get Cassiopeia. Upon completion of the download, locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on the package to install.

On newer MacOSX releases the Cassiopeia package might initially refuse to install and give the following or a similar message.

This can simply be worked around by Right-Clicking on the package and then choosing Open With - Installer (default). Alternatively the MacOSX security setting can temporarily be changed for the installation. To do so click on the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen, go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy and change the following setting to Anywhere.

Double-clicking on the Cassiopeia package should succeed now. Once installed drag /Applications/ into your dock and start the application. You may set your personal license key now (optional but recommended). Open the Cassiopeia preferences panel

switch to the License pane and copy/paste your key into the License field.

If you have not yet received a personal license key click on License and fill out the registration form. A key will be sent to you via Email.

Choose Database - Log On from the Cassiopeia menu now.

Cassiopeia will try to locate a FrontBase installation (required for the app to operate properly). If none is found a suitable FrontBase built for your machine is automatically downloaded and the disk image opened.

If you see the above disk image panel doubleclick on FrontBase.pkg to install the db. Note, FrontBase is a very light-weight and efficient RDBMS and requires close to no machine resources. The actual server binary is only 1.9MB in size and the database server is started automatically when needed (maintenance-free operation). The automatic installation of FrontBase works in many but not all cases. If you encounter problems logging into the database please try to locate and start /Applications/ (which is part of the FrontBase installation) and see whether it comes up fine. It should present the following window:

If if does not, the FrontBase installation is most likely broken. In that case go to click on Download in the menu and download/install either FrontBase 5.2.x or FrontBase 8.x.x for your MacOSX version.

After installing FrontBase choose Database - Log On again in the Cassiopeia menu. Cassiopeia tries to locate a database named Cassiopeia.fb now. If none is found a new database is created and configured automatically.

Use ROOT for the username and leave the password fields blank. Note, the panel asks for a database account, not your system account. So do not enter the username and password you use to log into Mac OS X but the exact values shown above (ROOT for the username and no password).

If a panel appears requesting permission for executing SQL statements on the database

click on Yes.

Cassiopeia is fully operational now and you may start creating documents (see Getting Started). However, when it comes to printing Cassiopeia generates LaTeX code. It needs a LaTeX installation to automatically compile the generated LaTeX code and open the resulting PDF. There are numerous sources for LaTeX packages for MacOSX available on the internet (google for MacTeX).

If you have no idea which package to choose download and install MacTeX.pkg. Any other LaTeX distribution from a different source should do as well. As of Cassiopeia v.2.4.0 a LaTeX package is dowloaded and installed automatically as part of the first login process if no pdflatex binary is found below /usr/local/texlive on your harddisk.

Connecting to the cloud

A default database on your local Mac is installed automatically as part of the Cassiopeia installation (see last section). You may connect to this local database by choosing Database - Log On from the menu, unchecking the Cloud control in the lower left corner and using ROOT for the usename and no password.

Alternatively you can connect to and make use of a remote database running in the Advanced Science Data Center (Cassiopeia < v2.4.0). Making use of the Advanced Science Cloud gives you access to your documents whereever and on whichever machine you are without having to setup a VPN infrastructure on your own. You can for example access the cloud with your iMac when working in the office and have access to the same set of documents when being on the road with your Mac Book. No synchronisation is needed whatsoever. All you need is a connection to the internet and a Cassiopeia installation on all Macs you plan to access your documents with.

To connect to the cloud choose Database - Log On from the Cassiopeia menu and make sure the Cloud control in the lower left corner is checked. This automatically sets the connection parameters for cloud access.

Then enter the cloud username - the one you have selected while filling out the registration form on our website - in the User name: field and the password you have chosen in the User password: field and click on OK. Cassiopeia now connects to the cloud and loads the latest model and gui. This might take a couple of seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection. After successfully connecting to the cloud the following Object Browser window appears.

You can now start using Cassiopeia in the cloud, e.g. by creating a new document with Command-N. See Getting Started for a step-by-step introduction into using Cassiopeia.

Upgrading a local database

After upgrading Cassiopeia to a newer version the database schema of the local (pre-existing) database may have to be upgraded as well. This process is completely automated and requires hardly any user intervention. Choose Database - Log On as usual

and log into the local database. Use ROOT for the username and leave the password field blank. If Cassiopeia detects a discrepancy between the current database schema and the schema required by the new Cassiopeia version corresponding SQL statements are generated automatically to upgrade the schema. You may be asked a couple of times for permission to execute these statements.

Confirm by clicking on YES. Once the schema is completely upgraded the usual Object Browser window appears.

You may start using Cassiopeia now as usual. See Getting Started for a detailed introduction.

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact our support team at Your questions are welcome and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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