Troubleshooting a Cassiopeia installation

Cassiopeia can easily be installed and setup following the instructions given in the Installation and Setup guide. However, something might have gone wrong anyway and giving you a hard time. This troubleshooting tutorial is a collection of troubles and fixes that users experienced and might help you to fix your installation issue. If your problem is not covered by this guide or you got stuck for whatever reason please contact us at We will be happy to help you out.

Misconfigured connection preferences

Choose Cassiopeia - Preferences from the Cassiopeia menu and check the connection settings. The panel should look as follows for a standard single user setup.

Accidentally clicking on the Use popup could have removed the database entry in earlier versions of Cassiopeia (this is fixed in the meanwhile).

This effectively breaks Casssiopeia. Since it has no database to connect to anymore trying to login will fail. You would usually just click on Set and reselect the databse (if it already existed).

However, if this is the first time you start Cassiopeia the database Cassiopeia on localhost might not yet exist. You could use to create it as outlined in Central Database and then use the Set button to select it. However, the easiest way to fix this issue is to
  • Quit Cassiopeia
  • Start a terminal session (/Applications/Utilities/ and execute the command: defaults delete Cassiopeia
  • Restart Cassiopeia
You should now have the default settings on the connection pane again.

Switch to the license pane

and make sure Force Schema Update is checked. Choosing Database - Log On should now setup the default database as outlined in Installation and Setup.

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